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   Why consign with Tiny Toes? It's a great opportunity for families to make some extra cash and clean out your kids' rooms! Consignors make 65% of their sales but can make up to 75% by selling over a certain amount and/or by becoming a Team Member and working shifts. Consignors also get into the Consignor Pre-Sale to shop before the public! Consignors can also get into the 50% Off Pre-Sale for FREE if requirements are met (see Consignor Perks below for details). For FAQ information on consigning, Click Here. 

   Consigning your items is easy and you control the price of each item. Items may be priced in $1 increments and will be marked "Discount" or "No Discount" when entering in item details. Sunday, the last day of the sale, is Discount Day. This means that any item deemed as "Discount" on the tag will be 50% off the original price of that item. Items will also be marked as "Donate" or "No Donate". This means at the end of the sale, consignors have the option to let their unsold items go to donation instead of coming to pick them up.  

   The lowest an item can sell for is $1. It is also a good idea to group multiple low price items into one larger group and price them as one unit. Example: Instead of selling 5 onesies for $1 each, group all 5 together and sell them as a set for $5.

   There is a Consignor Fee of $10 to register (except when special promotions are taking place).

To register to consign, Click Here.

Consignor Perks: (Perks Can Stack)

Number of Items:

  • Consign 50 items or more: Gain access to the Consignor Only Pre-Sale to shop BEFORE the public! If less than 50 items, can attend public Pre-Sale for free.

  • Consign 250 items or more: Gain access to the 50% OFF Pre-Sale for FREE!

Dollar Amount Sold: 

  • Total dollar amount made over $500: Earn 70% of total sales.

  • Total dollar amount made over $750: Earn 75% of total sales.

Categories of items to consign:

  • Baby/Child Clothing (newborn - junior 14)

  • Maternity Clothing

  • Outdoor Play Items

  • Cribs/Play Pens/Swings/Bouncers

  • Books

  • Toys

  • Stuffed Animals -Name Brand Popular Only! (ie: Disney, Build-A-Bear, Squishmallows, Nickelodeon, any TV or Movie character, etc.) Must be clean and not worn/ragged.

  • Shoes (Must be clean and not very worn)

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Baby/Child Feeding Items

  • Car Seats (Must be at least 1 year from expiration date)

  • Diaper Bags

  • Baby/Child Bedding and Bedroom Decor

  • High Chairs

  • Mobiles/Night Lights

  • Baby Blankets/Receiving Blankets

  • Strollers

  • Nursing Items

  • Games/Puzzles

  • Nursing Bras (NO regular bras)

  • Training Pants (NO regular underwear)

  • Costumes

  • Dance Wear

***All items consigned must be clean, no holes or stains, in new or gently used condition and not broken. Any item that does not meet this criteria will be removed from the sales floor.

***It is also recommended to have batteries in any item that requires them so that customers know if it works.

Items you CANNOT consign:

  • Fast Food meal toys

  • Underwear

  • Girls Bras

  • Broken items or items missing parts

  • Items that have been recalled for safety issues

  • Any item that is not clean, has holes or stains

  • Any mass amounts of hand made items

  • Non-name brand stuffed animals

***Use this link to check if any item you want to consign has been recalled:

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