Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I become a consignor?

Click on the "Log in" tab and under "New Consignor". Enter the required account information. You will then be asked to pay the consignor fee using a PayPal account or by credit/debit card. Follow the payment instructions and once completed, you will be directed to the main screen.

Is there a fee for the Consigning?

Yes, it is $10.

How much do the consignors earn from their sales?

The standard sales percentage is 65. However, consignors can earn more than that if they sell more than $500. See also "What are the incentives for consignors"?

What are the incentives for consignors?

* Benefits an Stack

Items consigned:

1) Enter 50 items or more: gain access to the FREE Pre-Sale! (Normally $7)

2) Enter 250 items or more: gain access to the Pre-Sale AND access to the 50% discount day before the public!

Amount in Dollars Sold:

1) Total dollar amount made over $500: Earn 70% of total sales.

2) Total dollar amount made over $750: Earn 75% of total sales.

How do I receive my money that I made?

Consignor checks will be mailed out within 1 week after the sale is over.

What happens to an item that has been removed from the sales floor due to improper criteria?

It will be removed from the sales floor and placed in a pick-up area behind the registers.

What is the 50% discount day?

The last day of the sale is Half Off Discount Day. Any item marked "Discount" will be sold automatically with a 50% discount.

When and How do I pick up my items that haven't sold after the sale is over?

​​Any item that has not sold and has been marked "Donate", will automatically go to donation. Any item that is NOT marked as "Donate", you will have the opportunity to pick it up after the sale has ended during the Pick-Up time.

What if I can't find my unsold items after the sale has ended?

Any item that hasn't sold that you wish to pick up but can't find, will be logged in a journal. After all consignors have left, We will go through everything that is left to try and match your items. If they are found, we will contact you to arrange pickup of your items. However, Tiny Toes Consignment Sales is not liable for any item that is lost, damaged, or stolen.

What are the types of items that I can sell?

Any item that is in good, clean condition and without stains, holes, is not broken and without tears, that is related to maternity, baby and child. See the Consignor's page for more information on items.

Baby/Child clothing (Newborn - XL)

Maternity Clothes

Outdoor Items (Bikes, Scooters, Play Items, Etc.)

Cribs/Play Pens

Game/Puzzles (Must have all pieces)





Stuffed Animals (Must be clean and not torn or dirty)

Shoes (Must be clean and not very worn)

Arts and Crafts

Feeding Items for Babies

Children Car Seats (Please check Recall List and Expiration Date)

Diaper Bags

Bedding and Decoration for Nursery and Kids Bedrooms

High Chairs

Mobile/Night Lights

Baby Blankets

Receiving Blankets

Do I print my own tags and how?

Yes, you print your own tags. They print 10 to a page. To print your tags, login to your account. Click on "Activities Menu" and then click on "Work with consigned inventory". Then click on "Print Tags". You can choose to "Print all tags" or "Print selected tags". If you choose to "Print all tags", they will load automatically. Once they load up, press "Ctrl+P" and your printing options will pop up. If you select to "Print selected tags", check the boxes next to the items you want to print tags for. Then click "Tag printing options" at the top of the screen. Click "Print selected tags" and then they will automatically load up. Press "Ctrl+P" and your printing options will pop up. Also, from the "Tag printing options" drop-down, you can choose other forms of printing off your tags.

How should I set the price of my items?

Items are priced in increments of $1. Some items can be grouped together to sell more efficiently. If you have an item that you think should only be $1, group it with other similar items and price them as one item. Example: If you have 5 items for which you want $1 each, group the 5 items together and sell the group for $5. When setting the price of the items, price them for what you think would be a great price if you bought it second-hand. Think of garage sale prices but a little bit better. Remember, you will be selling your items along with many other sellers that may sell exactly the same item. For more information on prices, click HERE.

How do I enter my items?

Once logged in, from the "Consignor Home Page", click on "Activities Menu". In the drop-down menu, click on "Work with Consigned Inventory". Click on "Active Inventory" and choose the version you want to use. Then enter the information of the items and click on "Submit Item". This page automatically shows only the last 5 entries. If you want to see all your entries, check the box just above your entered items that says "Only the last 5 items you entered are shown below. Check this box to show all items."

How do I transfer my items to another sale location?

1) Login to the account that currently has your unsold itmes from the most recent sale. 2) From the "Consignor Homepage", click on the "Activities Menu" button. 3) From the drop-down, click "Work With Consigned Inventory". 4) Click on "Transfer Inventory". 5) From the drop-down, click on "Move Inventory Out". 6) Select the sale you want to transfer your items to. 7) Enter your consignor number and password into the fields given. 8) Click "Check/Uncheck All Items" if you wish to transfer all items. Otherwise only select the items you want in the check box next to the item. 9) Click "Submit Transfer". 10) The software will ask you to confirm that the transfer is what you want to do. Click "OK". 11) A message will pop up with your "Batch ID" number. Write this number down just in case it does not transfer correctly. Click "Continue". 12) Go back to the websites Login screen and click on the up-coming sale that you want to transfer your items into. 13) From the "Consignor Homepage", click on the "Activities Menu". 14) From the drop-down, click on "Work With Consigned Inventory. 15) Click on "Transfer Inventory". 16) From the drop-down, click on "Receive Inventory In". 17) Confirm the "Batch ID" number and information. If everything is correct, click "Receive". 18) Confirm that this is what you want to do and click "OK". 19) Now you can work with your inventory.

How do I gain access to the presale?

When you register to consign and enter at least 50 items to sell, you automatically get access to the FREE Pre-Sale. You can also gain access to the Pre-Sale by buying a Pre-Sale ticket for $ 5.

How do I "Activate" my old un-sold inventory into the new sale (same location)?

Any un-sold items from a previous sale that you wish to add to your current active inventory will need to be marked as "Active Inventory" for the new currect sale. Listed below is how you do this: 1) Go to the Login page and click on "Existing Consignor - Ocala Sale" link. 2) Login in. 3) Register for the upcoming sale and agree to Consignor Contract, if you have not done so already. 4) Click on "My Homepage". 5) Click on the "Menu" button. 6) Click on "Work with Consigned Inventory". 7) Click on "Inactive Inventory". 8) From here you can select specific items you want to bring to the new sale or select "Activate All Items". If you wish to select specifit items, check mark the boxs to the left of the items you want and select "Activate Selected Items". If you wish to activate all items, simply click on "Activate All Items". 9) Click the "OK" button to activate items. 10) Click "Continue". 11) Click on "Return to Inventory Menu".

How do I become a Team Member and gain perks?

If you'd like to become a Team Member and help at the sale, you will get specific perks for doing so. Team Member shifts are only 4 hours long.

Consigning Team Members: (Maximum of 3 shifts allowed per sale)
Can designate each individual shift to buy back 5% of their sales percentage (up to a maximum of 75% of total sales, including Dollar Amount Sold Perks), and/or gain FREE entry into the 50% OFF Early Access Sale. Example: If you work 2 shifts, you can apply 1 shift to the amount of sales you receive upping your total sales amount from 65% to 70% and then apply the 2nd shift to get in to the 50% OFF Early Access Sale.

Non-Consigning Team Members: (Maximum of 1 shift allowed per sale)
Shift will automatically be applied to gain FREE entry into the 50% OFF Early Access Sale.