October 14-17, 2020

Ocala Shriner's Club

4301 SE Maricamp Rd.

Full Sale Schedule

Tuesday, October 13

Drop-Off: 12pm-7pm

Wednesday, October 14

Drop-Off: 10am-3pm

Pre-Sale: 4pm-7pm

*In order to gain access to the Pre-Sale, you must purchase a Pre-Sale ticket or be a qualified consignor.

Thursday, October 15

Public Sale: 10am-6pm

Friday, October 16

Public Sale: 10am-6pm ($10 OFF every $50 Spent)

Qualifying Consignors Only: (50% Off Pre-Sale)


* Consignors who consign 250 items or more.


Saturday, October 17 - 50% Off Day

Public Sale: 9am-3pm

Consignor Pick-Up: 4pm-6pm

***Anything left over after the pick-up time is finished WILL be donated even if it is marked as "No Donate".

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