At the Tiny Toes Sales, you will find a large variety of everything baby and child related. Listed below are just some of the many categories that you will find at the sales:

Holding Tummy


Tops, Pants, Nursing Bras, Breast Pumps, Diaper Bags, Etc.

Owl Tshirt


Tops, Pants, Jackets, Dresses, Swimsuits, Costumes, Etc.

Toy Shop


Baby, Toddler, Dolls, Animals, Electronics, Arts and Crafts, Etc.

Baby shoes arranged in a line. Tidy tiny


Sneakers, Dress, Boots, Sandals, Dance, Sports, Etc.

A little cute girl in a yellow dress rea


Children's book, maternity books, DVD's.

Assorted sports equipment and grass.jpg

Outdoor Play

Bikes, Scooters, Sports Balls, Play Houses, Slides, Etc.