Tagging/Hanging: Do's and Dont's


*You must hang all your clothing items on hangers. We do not supply hangers at the sale. Smaller items like socks, hats, swim diapers, training pants, accessories, etc. can be placed in baggies with the top taped.

*Please place clothes on the hanger with the hook facing to the left. See images below.

Walmart sells baby plastic hangers 10 for $1 or wire hangers 10 for $1.44. Sometimes you can have luck getting them through a dry-cleaners if you need a bulk amount.


Tagging your items is simple, however there are better ways than others that will give you the best opportunity at selling your items. 


  • Place clothing tags on the front right of the item with the hanger facing to the left. You can do this by using a safety pin or using a tagging gun. 

  • We recommend this tagging gun on Amazon. Click here for link.

  • Tagging guns work best on thicker paper like card stock. If you don't have card stock, you can reinforce the paper tag with a piece of tape where you will be using the tagging gun.


  • Pin skirts/shorts/pants on either side onto the top slanted sides of the hanger.

  • Place multiple items that go together in clear zip lock bags, tape the top of the bag closed and then tape the tag to the bag.

  • Zip ties can also be used to hold items together with the tag attached to the zip tie. example: shoes.

  • Toys that come with multiple parts: the smaller, loose objects should be placed in a zip lock bag and then zip tied to the main toy.

  • When using zip lock bags, tape the opening closed so that the bag does not accidentally come open and contents become separated from their tagged bag.

   Do Not:

  • Don't pin pants/skirts/shorts to the bottom straight side of the hanger. This will cause the item to slide to one corner and bunch up.

  • Don't tag/consign items that are worn, stained, dirty, have holes, have no batteries, or are missing parts. Items that have any of these attributes WILL be removed from the sales floor.

  • Don't use packing tape on items that are delicate that the tape would damage when removed. Examples: book, puzzles, game boxes, etc.

  • Don't use duct tape or electrical tape! Packing tape, scotch tape, painters tape, and masking tape are fine.